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Virtually any wood species can be applied to either a 10mil paper-backed or wood (2 ply) backer. Trade/B2B sales only, please.



Woodworker at work
wood veneer maple
veneer sheets mahogany

As one of the top wood veneer suppliers in the Midwest, Collins Supply carries a wide range of veneer sheets made in the US, exotic veneers and pressure sensitive veneer sheets. Each veneer has a backer that acts as a barrier to prevent adhesives and finishes from penetrating. 


These very flexible wood veneers can be used in a variety of applications. All sheets are book-matched, and we can provide plain-sliced veneer or quarter-sliced veneer. We can also apply peel-n-stick adhesive for your refacing jobs. Call or email us today for more information.

Walnut Veneer Sheets

We are dedicated to carrying only ethically-sourced veneer


Collins Supply asks that each of our wood veneer suppliers is FSC certified. We choose to purchase from predominately North American suppliers. Our wood veneers will not have directly or indirectly been involved in illegal logging or any violation of forestry rights. 

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