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As many edge banding manufacturers of HPLs have developed new finishes over the last few years, Collins Supply has kept up our inventory of flexible PVC. Special finishes from Wilsonart are being added to Wilsonart embossed color matches page frequently.  


Call us for details or any specific product questions. Ask us about our special finishes such as K07, K18 Linearity, K38, SSawart, Rain, Gloss, WG2 or W5. On some pvc colors and finished, minimum order sizes may apply.


We carry both paintable PVC + paper edge banding. Visit the link below for pricing on our durable paintable or stainable paper edgebanding. Email or call us for a quote on paintable PVC.  


Both types of edge tape make it easy to cover rough edges and paint over them. The paintable paper tape is available in pre-glued or automatic. 





Metallic Edge Banding

Looking for an alternative to metal edging but are worried that metallic edge banding won't have the feel of real metal? Edge banding from Collins Supply could be the solution. Our metal brushed aluminum edge banding is excellent for today's contemporary designs. Available in 1mm thick x 15/16 or 1-5/16 wide; each roll is real metal on a pvc backer. Achieve clean lines that can compliment stainless steel appliances and and other metal finishes with aluminum metal edge banding from Collins Supply.

Metal Edge Banding

2-Ply polyester and melamine edge banding are available in a large variety of solids, woodgrains, and patterns.  Pre-Glued edge banding is a two-ply polyester edge-banding material with a hot-melt adhesive backing, allowing easy application with a household iron. It is very flexible and accommodating both inside and outside curves.  Rolls of this pre-glued melamine edge banding are available in sizes from 1/2" - 2" wide and each roll is 250ft. There is a $35 service fee for all polyester pre-glued edge banding orders under $100.


Pre-glued Polyester
blue pvc edge banding tape

 Collins Supply carries over 1,000 PVC edge banding items in stock in a variety of PVC colors, wood grains, patterns and sizes to match your melamine or laminate. We carry many of the top colors from Wilsonart, Formica, Tafisa, Nevemar, Pionite and more!  Available in widths ranging from ½” – 2” and various thicknesses (0.018, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm PVC edge banding tape).  


We work with edge banding manufacturers from around the United States to bring our customers the highest quality PVC edge trim and the largest variety of PVC edge banding colors. Call for questions about custom runs and special production. 

Maple and Oak Wood Edge Banding Tape

Wood Edge Banding

Wood Edgeband
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