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Our Beginnings

Updated: May 4, 2020

Our Beginnings Back in 1999, Ed Collins decided to bring his years of experience in sales and management to a company of his own. Collins Supply saw its start with a modest inventory, a typewriter, telephone, and Ed himself handling all the details of a small company working to establish itself in the woodworking trade. Over time, the business expanded and as more and more customers and vendors came on board, the Collins team expanded also. Today, Ed and his crew work from an office-warehouse complex with the same goals he started with in the beginning: Customer Service and Satisfaction.

PVC Edge Banding
PVC edge banding in a variety of colors

Our Products From the start, our focus has been on three main items: Edge Banding, Wood Veneers, and Hot Melt Adhesives. These are critical components for everyone from closet and cabinet makers to interior designers and architects. With strong demand across such a wide spectrum of the woodworking industry, Collins Supply has risen to meet the challenges of providing the right materials for customers both large and small.

In the area of PVC edge banding alone, there are multiple varieties of colors and finishes to match a large selection of laminates. Collins Supply stocks over 1000 colors and can meet the needs of any given project to provide that perfect color match. In addition to PVC, Wood edge banding is available in a variety of species, either pre-finished or unfinished, pre-glued or no glue. Wood veneer sheets are an important item, and Collins Supply offers a variety of sizes and species. All choices can be obtained in either paper-backer or wood-backer versions. Of course both edge banding and veneers need to be applied with the right adhesive and at Collins Supply, we stock for your particular project's needs. In either pellet or cartridge form, there are a variety of options in Clear, Natural, White, Brown or Black. Today our inventory also includes such specialty items as Paintable Edge Banding (Paper or PVC), Metal Edge Banding (including Brushed Aluminum) and Fast Cap/Fast Edge products. We continue to meet the needs of today’s woodworkers and always seek to update our inventory with tomorrow’s needs in mind.

- Dave Donovan

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