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Updated: May 4, 2020


At Collins Supply you will find a wide selection of edge banding in various sizes, colors, and patterns. Unlike most other edge banding suppliers, we try to diversify our inventory as much as possible to meet our customers' needs. From medium to large-scale commercial projects to smaller custom jobs and residential work, we try to cover all of the bases. That means keeping our stock well-balanced between size,color,and finish. In addition to the category of finish there is another feature that deserves some attention too. More on that in a moment.


The most basic of these features is size, of course. If a particular shelf or table edge is 3/4", then only a banding width of 7/8" or 15/16" is called for. Anything less will not cover the edge and anything more creates that much more excess to be trimmed away. And the most colorful or beautifully patterned 5/8" material we could come up with just isn't going to work. In addition to the shelf-friendly 15/16", the sizes of 1-5/16" and 1-5/8" are popular choices. But any banding width can be custom-ordered to suit any particular need, including 2", 3" and beyond.


Color is where subjectivity enters the equation. Within the spectrum of white for example, there are many variants to choose from. Designer White, Antique White, Brite White - each has their own attributes to complement any build-out or room design. Hard Rock Maple is a popular woodgrain that many different PVC manufacturers offer, yet between them there are subtle differences in grain pattern and tonal shading. In both PVC and wood edge banding, there's a wide array of choices in tone and color.


When it comes to PVC, the options for pattern and finish are what really create the finest distinction between various colors. Patterns can mimic a stone finish such as granite or marble. Woodgrains can run a wide range including coarse, straight, linear, or figured to reproduce the natural markings of Maple, Walnut or any other species of wood.

With finishes, the two traditional choices have been Matte and Gloss. But there are a range of options beyond those that offer a variety of textures too. The Wilsonart line includes a textured gloss (K-07) "soft grain" (K-12), "linear grain" (K-18), and a "fine grain" (K-78). Overall, patterns and finish choices are more refined in nature and can be selected to suit any particular taste.

A recent development in the area of finish options for PVC edge banding comes from Formica. We are happy to now provide you with options in both Formica's Micro Dot and Plex finishes. Here's a brief description along with the currently available colors at Collins Supply.

Micro Dot is a crisp finish consisting of concave circles in a tight grid pattern. It will be available in White 949, Black 909, Sail White, White Chocolate, Fog, Citadel, and Terril.

Plex is a finish similar to metal mesh and will be available in White 949, Black 909, Sail White, and Terril.

We're confident that whatever your edge banding needs are, you'll continue to find the right size, color, or finish here at Collins Supply.

- Dave Donovan

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