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Specialty Products & Services

When a unique project calls for special finishes or products, count on Collins Supply Edge Banding & Veneer. We offer a variety of specialty edge banding products & services. 

Wood Edge Banding
Custom Wood Edge Banding

Have a high-end project where the edge banding absolutely - positively - needs to match the surface veneer in every detail? Then let us turn your veneer flitch into matching wood edge banding. Our custom edge banding process offers a finely-sanded surface and seamless finger-jointing. The reverse side of the wood veneer banding is fleece-back primed or pre-glued depending on your needs. The rolls can be slit from 5/8" to 12" (depending on the size of your flitch). Also need it pre-finished? Just ask us for pricing! 

Profile Wrap Veneer
Profile Wrap Veneer

Collins Supply's profile wrapping materials American made for quality and consistency you can count on. Available with different options of fleece backing, our profile wrapping veneer is finely sanded to ten-thousandths of an inch for maximum flexibility. The veneer is then slit to exact widths and made into either rolls or lengths. Engineered to meet your strictest tolerances, our profile wrapping veneers use only the highest architectural grade veneer.


Ask about our magnetic tape for precision slitting, and about finger-joint/butt-joint options. Our state of the art glue process uses a type 1 glue (exterior) or type 2 glue (interior) line for excellent water resistance.

Custom PVC edge banding
PVC Capabilities

We can produce short runs of an PVC product from 5/8" wide to 2" wide and from .018 to 3mm thick. Costs and lead times vary depending on the size you need, so call us for price and availability.Need your PVC preglued? We offer a pre-gluing program on PVC sizes up to 1mm thick. Need it quick? Call us about line interruption program for production items. We can produce and ship any PVC product in 1 week - and sometimes even less. Call us for details.

embossed edgebanding

Embossed PVC Edge Banding

As many edge banding manufacturers of HPLs have developed new finishes over the last few years, Collins Supply has kept up our inventory of PVC. Ask us about our special finishes such as K07, K18 Linearity, K38, SSawart, Rain, Gloss, WG2 or W5. On some pvc colors and finished, minimum order sizes may apply. Call us for details or any specific product questions.

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