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Fastcap is the finishing touch to a professional job! Fastcaps and FastEdge Peel n' Stick Edge Banding  are self-adhesive products with high performance acrylic Ultra-Bond PSA adhesive. The wide variety of applications make these products a must-have supply.

FastCaps & FastEdge Banding​

Introducing FastCaps Covers and FastEdge Peel n' Stick Edge Banding...

Fastcaps are quick and simple to apply. These cap covers work in a wide variety of applications such as covering screw holes or RTA fittings. We offer a wide variety of real wood and PVC cap covers, as well as custom cutting for the customer provided edgebanding.

  • Ultra-Bond PSA adhesive, increases in bond as it dries

  • Available in PVC, unfinished wood and pre-finished real wood.

    • Black, white, cherry, oak, red oak, maple, hard rock maple 

  • If you provide your own edge banding, and we can custom cut Fastcaps for you

FastEdge Peel n' Stick Edge Banding


FastEdge is a peel & stick edge banding made with high performance, ultra-bond PSA adhesive. It is fast, easy, super strong and increases in strength over time. Simply peel, stick, roll and trim. Available in PVC, unfinished and prefinished wood. Great for cabinet makers and refacing!

SpeedTape Double-Sided Tape
FastCaps SpeedTape eliminates the time and expense of using hot melt adhesives. With one strip of tape, there is a new and efficient way to apply veneer sheets, edging and even small moldings without the mess. The PSA ultra-bond double-sided tape is 100% waterproof and rated from 30° to 250°.
Edge Banding Tools

Quad Trimmer

FastCap's Quad Trimmer has four cutting edges in just one edge banding tool. Trim both edges at once with either a simple pull or push motion. The trimmer can be pulled apart as well to trim one side of an edge at a time. Replacement blades are also available to prolong the life of your quad trimmer tool. 

  • No springs (all pneumatic)

  • Trims materials from 1/2" to 1-1/4" thick in the double edge mode

  • Cuts down on time with one easy and straight trim motion

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