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Pellets & Cartridges

With top hot melt adhesives names such as Jowat, Kleiberit and H.B. Fuller, you can expect a clean finish every time you use your hotmelt edgebander. Collins Supply carries a broad range of hot melt cartridges and hot melt adhesive pellets that are high tack and have a wide range of operating temperatures.


Not sure which H.B. Fuller adhesive pellets are best for your project? Give us a call! We are a hot melt glue supplier that will help answer your questions. 

Hot Melt Jowat Cartridges

JW286.81.6PACK  white cartridge 6-pack 
JW286.82.6PACK brown cartridge 6-pack 
JW286.83.6PACK black cartridge 6-pack
JW286.80 Natural Cartridges 45 cartridges, 35 lb box 
JW286.30 Natural Unfilled Cartridges 45 cartridges,35lb box
(special orders only)

JW288.60 - Natural Pellets, 44 lb bags
JW288.61 - White Pellets, 44 lb bags
JW288.62 - Brown Pellets, 44 lb bags
JW288.63 - Black Pellets, 44 lb bags
JW288.90 - Natural Pellets, 44 lb bags
JW281.48 (JW280.90) - Clear Melt (High Viscosity), 44 lb bags 

JW280.30 - Countour Glue (Medium Viscosity), 44 lb bags

Hot Melt Jowat Pellets
Jowat Hot Melt Adhesives

GT10-2006 Natural (84591), 50 lb box
GT10-2803 Unfilled (84646), 50 lb box

H.B. Fuller


Polyurethane (PUR) Hot Melt Adhesive

The market is trending toward the use of high gloss board and banding materials, including metal, and end users are looking for an adhesive that bonds a variety of materials with a very fine invisible glue line. Now available at Collins Supply, Jowatherm-Reaktant® hot melt adhesive in Holz-her cartridges are now available to anyone with a standard edgebander.

PUR is a moisture curing adhesive, and the curing process begins as soon as it is exposed to the moisture in the ambient air and substrate. Once fully cured it forms a strong permanent waterproof bond   with excellent heat resistance and good
elasticity at low temperature. Less adhesive
is needed, resulting in a very fine
invisible glue line. 

jowatherm-reaktant polyurethane
Hot Melt Adhesive Temperature Guide


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